Wool Crossing

Whether you are compulsive crocheters –like me-, serial knitters or occasional tricoters, or you have taken up embroidery when you were pregnant or you have started because your mother handed it over to you, you have probably felt alone sometimes. Fact is, it is still embarassing to do it in public and people may look at you as if you were mad and from out of space.You might not give a damn about it but if you want to meet people that share the same passion as you, now you can, even in Torino!



Wool Crossing  is the closest to a knit café you can find in town. Federica opened it Saturday 15 September so you can go and check it out, maybe sit down and work at your projects while you sip a cup of tea in good company.

Some courses already start in October!


Via Michele Buniva, 9 ter/F
10124 Torino
tel. 0112630927

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