Wake-up make-up…

Every morning, obviously in a rush, I start digging in my make up bag looking for those damn 5 things I always use for my make up and I wonder why, WHY did I buy all this stuff?

I can’t explain… Every time I see a beauty shop I can’t resist, I feel an irresistible, overwhelming desire to go inside… it’s like a spell and I’m sure you perfectly know what I mean… Don’t you?

Kiko Make up, Sephora, Mac Cosmetics are all places that look magnificent to me. Everything is perfect and I never get out empty-handed. It’s even worst when I’m abroad (which could as well be 5 km beyond the border!). I literally go mad, chasing products I can’t find in Italy.

But really, these are the only 5 I use everyday:

1- Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Apply with a thin brush, it lasts from morning to night and stays perfect.

2 -Dr Brandt’s signature flexitone BB Cream leaves the skin even, moisturised and protected, it can be used as a foundation as it is lightly coloured.

3-Mac’ Select sheer pressed powder makes skin look flawless and eliminates shine.

4 -Blush: YSL Cream Blushin in the summer and  Benefit Hervana face powder  in the winter.


5- Only when I remeber to put it on: DiorShow Black Out mascara

…e voi cosa usate?

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