When I was a kid I liked stickers so much I didn’t want to stick them for fear of ruining them. I was denying their real nature but, you know, too much love may be unhealthy.

My kids love them even more and since they don’t suffer from any behaviour disorder, they stick them everywhere: on the bed, on the couch, on the wardrobes, on their diaries, in their notebooks, on their arms and forehead.

So I decided it was time I had some customised stickers made. And here is where @thelapisu aka Sara, 23, interior and graphic designer, comes into play.

Sara loves her grandparents and her boyfriend (they kind of live together); her passions, besides graphic design and architecture are photography, art, books (she loves their smell), music, Greece, Yoga, knitting – just recently- and she is addicted to Instagram (she is @thelapisu). Plus, she has some other fixations such as healthy food and Christmas.

Sara, tell us about your new adventure…  thelapisu… First of all, how did you get to know the website for all things handmade?

I found Etsy through Instagram and instantly fell in love with it. I love working with my hands and I love anything handmade because it has an added value. A handmade object carries the love of its maker and this love passes onto you when it becomes yours, so that you feel happy and special!


Have you always had such a great manual skill?

Right from the start I enjoyed creating all kinds of objects, with any material and using any technique. I made small jewellery, I took up model making, decoupage and thousand of other activities. But paper has always been my thing and I came back to it with my stickers. I think this comes from my grandfather who was a skilled book-binder and whom I used to look at and help in his laboratory.

Well, it is not by coincidence that our childhood experiences leave the greatest impressions… So this is how Thelapisu, your online shop was born. Tell us more…

My shop is manly a graphic design shop and, at the moment, it offers stickers (where the two elements, paper and graphic design join) and Branding Kits for Etsy. I’m saying at the moment because my mind is always at work and I could (or rather, I will) add more very soon… something in the field of graphic design or in other fields, always somehow connected with graphic design, which is my signature.

Click on the logo to visit the online shop

What do you offer in  your Etsy shop ?

“Standard” stickers with text messages, fixed or customised designs with choice text and colours and brand stickers with their own logo. Besides, I offer to help people that have an idea about creating create their own brand! The products I offer will adapt perfectly to all different needs, in terms of content and style, with different formats and sizes to choose from.

Your style is simple and minimal. Where do you draw your inspiration?

Everything around me inspires me because everything attracts my attention. Nature and its colours, design, architecture and fashion magazines, the web, design blogs, posters in the street, a flyer abandoned on the pavement… are all essential to me. I have a very clear idea about my style and my identity, so these are all hints to help me think and come up with my own interpretations.


And here are my customised stickers… I think I will also order the “handmade” and the “thank you” … but I also like the “have a nice day” and…


all photos © thelapisu, except  ↑ that I took  © alelab

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