Superquick cake or how to survive another school year

Last year all the end-of-year parties really knackered me: I had to prepare cakes (three cakes obviously), get the kids from school earlier, get them back to school later and then everybody wanted to go to everybody else’s party. Plus it was hot, stormy at crucial moments and one of the kids was invariably unhappy. I remember it being a real nightmare.

This year the first party has already been organized and I’m well prepared. I made this beautiful cake in… less then 5’ plus 40’ for cooking!



For two cakes:

3 cans of peaches in syrup

1 pack of amaretti

2 packs of Buitoni chocolate cake.


Drain the peaches and leave them aside. Crush the amaretti.

Amaretti prima...

The amaretti before…

… and after.

Coat the drained peaches all over in amaretti crumbs.

Lay 5 or 6 coated peaches in a 20-22 cm round cake tin

and pour over the Buitoni chocolate cake mix.

Bake it for 40’ at 170°.

Missing photo of a slice of cake that has been wolfed down… I swear it took more time to write this post than to make the cake.

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