Serial Crocheteuses N.127

I’ve been following a blog for a while by a French girl who I reckon is a genius: Isabelle Kessedjian, and my theme of the week – stones and crochet – has been inspired by her. She suggests to “dress” stones, drawing inspiration from resurrection fern, so here is my first stone, picked up in Alassio with my monsters.


We decided to turn it into a bear.


This is how it was before….

the-serial-crocheteuses-n-127 the-serial-crocheteuses-n-127

And after… somebody has fallen in love!



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  1. Hello Alessandra!
    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog about the Spider Blanket!
    You have a lovely blog yourself and I’ll definitely come back for a visit. Thank you for the link to the site of Isabelle Kessedjian, it’s always nice to discover a -for me- unknown blog.
    Hope you’ll have a good weekend.

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