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One thing that deeply disappoints me is coming home from my travels to find that those splendid local souvenirs I bought while travelling are in fact MADE IN CHINA and I could have bought them anywhere.

Instead, what always excites me is discovering new, young and talented brands, that focus on quality, materials and non-mass production. Hand-made products are my favourite and I have recently become an ETSY-addict. Today I’d like to introduce you to Sere & Co. – a very special jewellery brand.

Sere & co.

Serena is a lovely, young and talented Venetian “tosa” (girl in the Veneto dialect) who produces a collection of crocheted earrings, all made by her. With their beautiful craftsmanship, a romantic style and a choice of natural colours, these earrings are perfect for everyday wear. Keep reading if you want to know more about her

Tell us how this idea was born and how your brand Sere & Co. came into being.

Sere & Co. was born on a cold winter afternoon in front of a fireplace. All wrapped up in a blanked I found myself lost in thoughts – as often happens- and decided that there was noting to lose so it was worth giving a try. Clearly, things didn’t happen all at once. My experience grew day-by-day, gathering suggestions and advice everywhere. At the beginning it wasn’t easy: I sold few pieces but most I was giving away to my friends. Then I discovered, this amazing portal where you can sell your creations all over the world. I have also started collaboration with Hobb’s shops, an achievement I’m very happy about.

I loved your products at first sight, with their colour schemes and romantic silhouettes, but when I received your parcel I was amazed at the quality and the precision of your craftsmanship. When did you learn? Who taught you?

It’s a female tradition within my family. My mum’s mother learnt the art of crocheting and handed it down to my mum who handed it down to my sister and me. There wasn’t a precise time, I have always lived with it. We all have manual skills in the family and learning wasn’t difficult. For those who want to learn, my best advice would be to summon up infinite patience!

sere & co.

I definitely agree but I would add that crochet can also give infinite satisfacton! Following you on Instagram (@sere_variabile) I have noticed that crochet isn’t your only passion: can you tell us about the others?

My passions are all linked, the most important thing for me is to be creative and free my mind. I simply have to decorate; I need to leave my mark on all the places I live, adding a personal touch everywhere: a flower on the bedside table, a bowl on the desk. In general, I like everything crafty, I collect stickers, stamps, coloured paper, ribbons which I use to decorate books and notebook to to wrap the presents I make. My desk drawers are so full they’re on the verge of exploding. My other passion is cooking; I love inviting friends for dinner and try simple (we are always on a diet!), genuine and super tasty dishes.

sere & co.

Wow, you sound like the perfect domestic goddess, but with a new and modern twist! The right mix of emancipated (Serena has a full-time job) and feminine woman in every sense. You know I’m curious, so… are there any plans for the future?

After a short summer break I’m organising my fall/winter crochet collection and I must say I’m very happy with the winter trends. I couldn’t bear the sight of neon colours anymore! I love beige, caramel, ochre and red colours so this winter will suite my tastes. Looking a bit further, I’d like to work on a home collection, and create pieces for the modern house. Crocheting is not just grandma’s old doily under the flowerpot!!! It can be revisited and become chic and elegant. I can demonstrate this!

I’m sure you will, you know I’m one of your big fans! Your adventure has just started, what have you got out of it so far?

What makes me very proud is going out and meeting girls that are wearing my creations: it gives me a rush of excitement every time! This is what keeps me going and makes me stick to my dream: If you are happy, I’ll be happy too.



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  1. beautiful earrings!!
    compliments to Serena :)

  2. Your creations are awesome :)


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