Manicure Express

At home there’s always someone calling Muuuuum! Where are you? In which room? Can you come a sec? Then the telephone rings, the Jehova’s (or Genova according to Pietro) witness rings the bell… I mean if you ever had kids you know what I’m talking about.

I don’t have much me-time but there are a few things that need doing, no excuses. One of these things is the manicure.

So these are my tricks for an express manicure:

Before showering I take the nail polish off with this polish remover by Sephora with an integrated sponge. You open it, put your finger inside, turn it over and… done!

manicere express

Plus, it lasts forever, doesn’t stink and is delicate.


Then I file my nails short. I do it with a paper file and always before jumping in the shower so I don’t have to sit with my hands soaking in a bowl of water that sounds like a waste of time.


After that I apply a dot of cream to every nail and I gently push the cuticles back with a stick.

manicure express

Then I finish off trimming the skins with one of these nail clippers.

manicure express

If you have a couple of minutes left I recommend a 4-step file called buffer which makes your nails shine. Promise!manicure express

After having quickly rinsed and dried my hands, I apply a transparent base coat layer.


manicure express

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