Kind of a uniform

vestivamo alla marinara

Having absent-mindedly filled in some personal detail forms, the postman occasionally delivers a Corriere della Sera supplement called “Style Piccoli” (kids style) to my house. Usually I bin it without even opening it, but this time something caught my attention… a crocheted blanket on the front cover eventually convinced me to flick through the pages. Inside I didn’t find anything particularly interesting but an article with the title “Parties in uniform”, by M.Laura Rodotà. The journalist was writing about “people who dress their children in identical clothes”, something I find really intriguing. Obviously every mother has her own good excuse for doing so. Some may say children argue when they are dressed in different clothes. Some think their little creatures lack of any sense of style and beauty. Some consider it educational as it teaches them they have to fight hard to distinguish themselves. What can I say? I have three kids (girl, boy, boy) and I’ve always tried to “decorate” them in some homogeneous way (same colour for everyone but different clothes, everything different but one piece of clothing) for one reason: to gratify my immense need for symmetry and balance.


I might have been unlucky but I have to admit the result has been kind of a uniform but never too much…

vestivamo alla marinara...

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