J’adore Dior…but

J’adore Dior but…


I like doing things myself. It takes less time, I find it reassuring and definitely gratifying. Of course you have to learn a thing or two. After years of manicures, pedicures and never ending sessions at the hairdresser I’ve figured out some of their tricks and now I put them into practice, at home.


So, let’s start with the manicure…


What you’ll need:

J'adore Dior attrezzi per la manicure

I’m sure you already have some of the things on the list, but I strongly suggest you get hold of them. I’ve tried many and these are the ones every beginner should have and every professional approves.

As for as nail polish, we could discuss the matter for hours… Luckily we have something better to do…

Of all the nail polish I have bought, I think Dior’s were definitely the best for colors, duration, brightness and above all, the brush.

j'adore Dior rock coat


With its wide and fine shape you’ll have almost perfect results all the time!


In these times you don’t want to spend 20€ on a bottle nail polish… and chances are you will want to buy more than one.

So this is the solution: SEPHORA. Have a look:

. same colour, same duration and


even the same identical brush!

Price: € 5,50 Ok, you get a bit less product but come on, who has ever finished a bottle?


Now, the choice is yours: DIOR Bikini or Sephora L04 Sweet New Ride

See the outcome of my expedition to Sephora to find the same colours as the limited edition Dior collection…

j'adore dior...ma  sinistra con smalto dior j'adore dior...ma estra smalti sephora

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