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I’ve got the coolest girl-friends in the world and I’d love to introduce them all to you… Let me start from Anto (Antonella de picijs) who has just launched her new personal shopper project www.antonelladepicijs.com.

She has unbelievable taste for anything beautiful, and she’s especially talented at dressing people. She could find the right piece of clothing and moreover the right style for everybody. She’s not much a fashion addicted, more a cutting edge visionary and promises to help us with our shopping big and small…


Here’s an interview to better understand what she does.We know what personal shopping is, but you are different, original. What kind of personal shopper are you?

Hello! I’m a personal shopper whose desire is to see every person I meet enhanced by what they are wearing and confident in their clothes. I have always adored fashion, I studied art driven by my passion for beauty and at the Politecnico (university) I was lucky enough to meet amazing teachers that allowed my aesthetic sense to grow and flourish. My friends have always asked for my suggestions for their shopping so it came naturally to turn this into my professional activity.

What inspires you?

I’m attracted to and curious about anything unusual and original. I think there’s a right place for everything and a personal style for every individual, something that makes that person unique, that draws from fashion but goes beyond it. I love accompanying my clients towards their real selves, even their image, turning the wonderful world of fashion into a pleasant game.

Who are your “favourites”?

I haven’t got an absolute favourite designer. I adore Chanel (it couldn’t have been otherwise!!!) Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela just to say some, but the list could be a lot longer… I love digging unique clothes and accessorises out of exclusive boutiques or craftsmen’s ateliers where everything is done with premium materials and lots of love!

What do you do in your free time? What are your passions?

I don’t have much free time so I love to spend it with my family and friends. I love rock music and ballet and I go to see concerts and shows whenever I can.

One year ago I started sharing this passion on radio shows, joining them in the studio as a guest and talking about rock and fashion.

I love travelling and going around the word always gives my great joy. I play the piano, I paint and write poems no-one will ever read!


Any future projects?

I have several projects for the future but I don’t want to talk about them officially yet… just in case! You will be the first to know as soon as they take shape. Stay tuned!





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