My friend Raffi isn’t into desserts, except cheesecake, that most famous of American cakes made from cream cheese. Well a few days ago, almost as a joke she said to me: “make me a cheesecake and post it on your blog!”

I made the cake, took the photos and here’s the post.


You can find the recipe here but I strongly recommend you DON’T attempt a cheesecake if you’re not fond of cooking: it sounds easy but it takes a long time and infinite patience (I consider it a treat for my monsters).

Moreover, in our holiday house I don’t have the appropriate kitchen tools so I had to send my husband to buy a cake tin as I only realised when I’d already started mixing the ingredients that I didn’t have one. He was just back and had to go out again as I didn’t have cane sugar either. And for top it all… sour cream wouldn’t whip up with the handblender…

What an ordeal!!!

So, today I made this cake instead Cameo



A lot more my style, as it reads on the package – hassling time: 4 minutes!


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