When I was a kid I liked stickers so much I didn’t want to stick them for fear of ruining them. I was denying their real nature but, you know, too much love may be unhealthy. My kids love them even more and since they don’t suffer from any behaviour disorder, they stick them everywhere: […]

…and the winner is…


My first giveaway ended yesterday. Thank you all for the compliments, they are always welcome, for participating in particular thank Sere & Co. for giving away one of her wonderful creation. This morning my little helper and I we have printed the names of competitors, cut out and put in this box.   Then we have […]

Giveaway Sere & Co.

To celebrate the new friendship between Ale_lab and Sere & Co. we have organised a giveaway contest: join to win 1 pair of earrings made by Serena!   For your chance to win: 1)comment the article on Sere&co here 2)click here to like the Sere&co page on Facebook here. Contest ends 10th October, then we’ll pick up two names […]

Wool Crossing

Whether you are compulsive crocheters –like me-, serial knitters or occasional tricoters, or you have taken up embroidery when you were pregnant or you have started because your mother handed it over to you, you have probably felt alone sometimes. Fact is, it is still embarassing to do it in public and people may look […]

Sere & Co.

One thing that deeply disappoints me is coming home from my travels to find that those splendid local souvenirs I bought while travelling are in fact MADE IN CHINA and I could have bought them anywhere. Instead, what always excites me is discovering new, young and talented brands, that focus on quality, materials and non-mass […]

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