Newspaper’s mani

What you need: Transparent base coat polish Beige or light coloured polish Top coat polish Newspaper cut in small, tiny pieces A small bowl of water Tweezers Instructions: After your usual manicure, apply a coat of transparent base polish and two coats of the coloured polish you prefer. I suggest beige, pale pink or a […]

IPolka dots


Here’s a reply to those 50 people that asked me on the beach how to make polka dots on your nails… What you need:   -base coat -2 or more coloured nail polishes -a toothpick or a dotting tool How you do it: 1) Apply the base coat 2) Apply two layers of coloured varnish […]

Manicure Express

At home there’s always someone calling Muuuuum! Where are you? In which room? Can you come a sec? Then the telephone rings, the Jehova’s (or Genova according to Pietro) witness rings the bell… I mean if you ever had kids you know what I’m talking about. I don’t have much me-time but there are a […]

J’adore Dior…but

J’adore Dior but…   I like doing things myself. It takes less time, I find it reassuring and definitely gratifying. Of course you have to learn a thing or two. After years of manicures, pedicures and never ending sessions at the hairdresser I’ve figured out some of their tricks and now I put them into […]

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