Wake-up make-up…

Every morning, obviously in a rush, I start digging in my make up bag looking for those damn 5 things I always use for my make up and I wonder why, WHY did I buy all this stuff? I can’t explain… Every time I see a beauty shop I can’t resist, I feel an irresistible, […]

Smells good…

In the last few years I’ve developed a real obsession for perfumes. I love trying them, recognise them on my friends, even just look at the bottles or lose myself in the memories they bring back. I like it sweet when it comes to perfumes, maybe because as a kid I had a very sweet […]

Birkenstock mon amour

Every holiday resort has its peculiarities and customs and regular holiday makers end up making local ways their own. This can be true for their way of life (food, places and paces) but also for their dress sense! Those friends of mine that go to Forte dei Marmi, always wear  Antonio ’s clogs those whose haunt is […]

I Love Shopping

I’ve got the coolest girl-friends in the world and I’d love to introduce them all to you… Let me start from Anto (Antonella de picijs) who has just launched her new personal shopper project www.antonelladepicijs.com. She has unbelievable taste for anything beautiful, and she’s especially talented at dressing people. She could find the right piece […]

Kind of a uniform

Having absent-mindedly filled in some personal detail forms, the postman occasionally delivers a Corriere della Sera supplement called “Style Piccoli” (kids style) to my house. Usually I bin it without even opening it, but this time something caught my attention… a crocheted blanket on the front cover eventually convinced me to flick through the pages. Inside […]

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