A new generation, a new way to play

nuova generazione,nuovo modo di giocare..

Everything started around Christmas when we downloaded the Toca-Hair Salon app on my iPhone. It was love at first touch! The monsters were fighting over the phone to cut, colour and take a picture of Santa and all his friends’ hair. So we decided to download Toca-Birthday Party Playtime and now we’re unstoppable.

nuova generazione, nuovo modo di giocare

Toca Boca has Ipaddised the most loved kid’s games: cut your doll’s hair, make tea for your teddy bears, prepare meals with your Barbies. You find all these in a modern version but still on a kid’s level which is fantastic on many an occasion, such as in waiting rooms, on long trips or at never ending dinners at the restaurant…

nuova generazione, un nuovo modo di giocare


Approved and recommended by the monsters ^_^

nouva generazione

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