Newspaper’s mani

What you need: Transparent base coat polish Beige or light coloured polish Top coat polish Newspaper cut in small, tiny pieces A small bowl of water Tweezers Instructions: After your usual manicure, apply a coat of transparent base polish and two coats of the coloured polish you prefer. I suggest beige, pale pink or a […]


When I was a kid I liked stickers so much I didn’t want to stick them for fear of ruining them. I was denying their real nature but, you know, too much love may be unhealthy. My kids love them even more and since they don’t suffer from any behaviour disorder, they stick them everywhere: […]

Wake-up make-up…

Every morning, obviously in a rush, I start digging in my make up bag looking for those damn 5 things I always use for my make up and I wonder why, WHY did I buy all this stuff? I can’t explain… Every time I see a beauty shop I can’t resist, I feel an irresistible, […]

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