Serial Crocheteuses N.127

I’ve been following a blog for a while by a French girl who I reckon is a genius: Isabelle Kessedjian, and my theme of the week – stones and crochet – has been inspired by her. She suggests to “dress” stones, drawing inspiration from resurrection fern, so here is my first stone, picked up in […]

Manicure Express

At home there’s always someone calling Muuuuum! Where are you? In which room? Can you come a sec? Then the telephone rings, the Jehova’s (or Genova according to Pietro) witness rings the bell… I mean if you ever had kids you know what I’m talking about. I don’t have much me-time but there are a […]

I Love Shopping

I’ve got the coolest girl-friends in the world and I’d love to introduce them all to you… Let me start from Anto (Antonella de picijs) who has just launched her new personal shopper project She has unbelievable taste for anything beautiful, and she’s especially talented at dressing people. She could find the right piece […]

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