Now don’t say I didn’t warn you… SUSAN BOOTS di Chloé I’ve seen them on various bloggers’ feet since last season… I absolutely love them, they’re just me – bling, but not too in your face, and moreover they look perfect with leggings. I was about to forget them, when, few days ago I spotted […]

World Wide Knit in Public Days


  The World Wide Knit in Public Days will run from 9 to 17 June. I have always heard about them from my knitting-crocheting-embroidering- addicted friends ( but never managed to take part. Actually, that’s not entirely true – when I think of it, I crochet in public very often: when I have to wait […]

Kind of a uniform

Having absent-mindedly filled in some personal detail forms, the postman occasionally delivers a Corriere della Sera supplement called “Style Piccoli” (kids style) to my house. Usually I bin it without even opening it, but this time something caught my attention… a crocheted blanket on the front cover eventually convinced me to flick through the pages. Inside […]

J’adore Dior…but

J’adore Dior but…   I like doing things myself. It takes less time, I find it reassuring and definitely gratifying. Of course you have to learn a thing or two. After years of manicures, pedicures and never ending sessions at the hairdresser I’ve figured out some of their tricks and now I put them into […]

Superquick cake or how to survive another school year

Last year all the end-of-year parties really knackered me: I had to prepare cakes (three cakes obviously), get the kids from school earlier, get them back to school later and then everybody wanted to go to everybody else’s party. Plus it was hot, stormy at crucial moments and one of the kids was invariably unhappy. […]

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